Dr. Michell Temple

Dr. Michell Temple holds a Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling and she the second year Doctoral student of Philosophy of Counselor Education and Supervision at Regent University.  She brings ten years of mental health counseling and disability services experience within community and agency behavioral health. Dr. Temple is a certified rehabilitation counselor a nationally certified counselor and a certified professional counselor supervisor. She is also licensed as a professional counselor in the state of Georgia and a professional counselor with Mental Health Service Provider designation in Tennessee.  


Dr. Temple provides mental health counseling and disability services using a cognitive behavioral approach with an emphasis on meaning-making of emotions and life circumstances. Additionally, she specializes in Motivational Interviewing, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, and using Drama in Counseling. Dr. Temple is passionate about helping young adults expand and restructure their intellectual, behavioral, and emotional repertoire to live life abundantly.  Dr. Temple has worked as a disability services coordinator, assistant director of disability services, vocational rehabilitation counselor, and community work evaluation/adjustment case manager. She currently serves as the Mental Health Counselor and ADA Coordinator at Tusculum University.

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