I sincerely believe that every person is capable of change and growth. It is only by one's own will that a person can change themself and the world around them. And as a counselor and psychologist, I can serve as a conduit for these changes, watch them growing, and thus help improving the quality of my clients' lives. I myself have undergone a significant path to change and transformation, and I continue growing and developing both as a personality and as a professional. Planting a tree,  building a house, to raising a daughter - all these transformations reflect my own journey. I began my professional career as an ambulance assistant, and now I have experience in coaching, teaching and crisis counseling in the context of military operations.

In 2011 I received a Master's degree in psychology at the University of Education Management and have continued studying and improving my professional skills since then. 


Additional education in the field of psychotherapy:

- Certified as a Positive Psychotherapy counseolor

- Certified in the first level EMDR

- Training in the method of biosurgent therapy for the correction of psychosomatic disorders

-Certified as coach for prevention and treatment of PTSD from Pucelik Consulting Group


Specializations in the field of psychology:

"Gestalt Approach in Sexology and Sexual Pathology"

"Body-Oriented Approach in Gestalt Therapy"



Certification training:

- The second level of the international post-graduate program of counseling and trauma therapy at the School of Psychology & Counseling at REGENT UNIVERSITY (USA) in cojperation with the Ukrainian Evangelic Theological Seminary

- additional educational course "Skills and techniques of counseling"

- the training "Psychological Stability of a Warrior"

- additional educational course "Understanding the Methods of Non-Violent Communication - according to M. Rosenberg's concept"

- "Somatic-Cognitive Approach to Treating Traumatic Experience with Soldiers"

- "Integral Somatic Approach to Work with Shock Trauma and Chronic Bodily Symptoms Based on the author's 4-step technique by Dr. Raji Selvah" Somatic Expression "(JV)"

-"Psychological Rehabilitation of the Military"

- "Fundamentals of Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy"

- "Psychological Recovery after Injury"

- "Application of Associative Cards" SORE "in work with a trauma"

- "Fundamentals of work with metaphorical associative maps (MAC), and their use in dealing with injuries and as a resource in personal, creative, spiritual development "

- "Psychomotor, dance-movement, art therapy, embodyment-coaching in work with trauma and rehabilitation"

- "Provision of primary psychological help during catastrophic events"

Now, among my clients I have many soldiers, veterans, and members of families with relations to the military service. I work mainly with these clients to address issues of adaptation to civillian society, questions of values ​​and symptoms of PTSD such as crippling insomnia. Young people often come to me with questions about finding their life sense and their place in this world, with the desire to get rid of bad habits, or with issues of crisis in relationships. And with the development of technology, I have started online counseling, so some of my clients are Ukrainians who live abroad. Often, I work with these clients to address issues of the consequences of psychological trauma, with manifestations of panic attacks and other psychosomatic symptoms.

Families, and couples in the first years of marriage often come with questions of adapting their relationships to daily routine of life, finding a sense of routine within common goals, and establishing communication. I also work with those couples who are in the process of divorce to develop strategies for peaceful separation.

Адреса: м. Київ,
вул. Чистяківська 7, оф. 75
станція метро Святошин
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