Traumatherapist, child and adolescent psychologist. Experience in counseling since  2013.

Diploma of Tavriysky Christian Institute in Kherson, Ukraine. 1,5 years of practice in the rehabilitation center for sportsmen where clients were rehabilitating after traumas both physically and psychologically. I have a private practice.

Before I came to the job of psychologist I was a servant in the special police department from 1992 to 1998. Already there I was concerned about burnout of personnel in service and asking myself: why don`t they have psychologists in the power structures? Due to a gunshot wound of my leg I had to resign from service and went to the  Tavriysky Christian Institute to the faculty of Christian Education.


After graduation I stayed at the Institute in the position of teacher. Here again I observed that many problems had personal problems (everyone had his type of problems, adaptation difficulties, relationship boys-girls, stress caused by exams and tests). Combatants from the war in Eastern Ukraine require psychological aid and refugees as well. So I firmly decided to do psychological counseling and work with PTSD.

From November 2014 to December 2016 I worked as a counselor for combatants and refugees in a church in Melitopol.

I study permanently.

Below is the list of completed courses:

• 2000-2003 - Tavriysky Christian Institute in Kherson, Ukraine, Bachelor of Christian Education

• 2011- 2005 - International Institute ТСМ (Austria), Master of Arts in practical service (МА)

 • 2012-2016 - Tavriysky Christian Institute in Kherson, Ukraine, Bachelor of Christian Counseling/ joint program with the Regent University, USA.

The programs contained theory and practice of the following therapeutic approaches:

1. Client centered therapy;

2. Cognitive behavioral therapy;

3. Gestalt therapy;

4. Existential therapy;

5. Art therapy: painting therapy, sand therapy, story therapy, etc.;

6. Trauma therapy: model HART, EMDR (level  1) etc.;

 7. Child counseling;

8. Youth and adolescent counseling;

9. Addiction counseling;

10. System family therapy;

11. Psychopathology;

12. Psychodiagnosis;

13. Sexuality and therapy of sexual disorders;

14. Group therapy;

15. Supervision.

16. Practice of counseling.

Trainings, seminars, special courses:

"Children, adolescents and traumatic stress" (Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary UETC, Kyiv, 2015 ).

«Compassion fatigue» working with emotional burnout (UETC, Kyiv, 2015).

«Associative cards in the psychotherapy» (UETC, Kyiv, 2015).

Psychotherapy of sexual abuse (Kyiv Shevchenko-University, 2016)

Psychological aid for couples after adultery in marriage (Kyiv Shevchenko-University, 2016)

Identity and sexuality (Kyiv Shevchenko-University, 2016 р)

Professional skills:

Counseling of children and adolescents: aggression, anxiety fears, masturbation, choice of life partner, vocational orientation, self-esteem, suicide etc.

Family counseling: conflicts, divorce, new marriage, parenting issues, premarital counseling, sexual disorders of psychological nature.

Counseling in crisis: death of relatives, divorce, professional burnout, suicidal ideas etc.

Counseling of addicts and their family members.

Counseling after sexual trauma, physical or psychological violence, car accidents, military actions, deprivation etc.

Counseling in anxiety disorders: anxiety, fears, panic attacks, PTSD etc.

Katerina Krylova

Адреса: м. Київ,
вул. Чистяківська 7, оф. 75
станція метро Святошин
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