Primary and secondary education:

  • UETS, specialization- practical psychology

  • Joint Ukrainian-American Program“Psychological Counseling and Traumatherapy” (Regent, USA, and UETS, Ukraine)

  • Cognitive-Therapy Training (Teacher Denise Bowen)

  • Trainign in short-term therapy aimed at problem solving (lecturer Russell Bishop)

  • training course on metaphorical cards


Inna has experience working in a crisis psychological support service (hotline "Good Word"). She is engaged in both individual and group counseling. She works with adults, couples and children.

She specializes in:

  • emotional addiction

  • panic attacks

  • consequences of traumatic events, loss, grief

  • self-esteem, motivation

  • loss of meaning in life

  • couples during or after divorce

Адреса: м. Київ,
вул. Чистяківська 7, оф. 75
станція метро Святошин
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Християнська гаряча лінія "Добре Слово"

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