Olesya Druzhina

Crisis psychology, trauma therapist, psychological counselor, EMDR-consultant, supervisor and trainer, member of the Ukrainian Association of Traumatic Traumatic Traumatic Assistants, member of the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies. I have 15 years of experience in psychological work, and 5 years of crisis counseling, working with wounded and healthy soldiers at all stages of participation in the conflict (ATO zone) and their families, as well as with forced migrants - internally displaced persons and residents of the front zone in Crimea.


This work helps clients to overcome the aftermath of psychological trauma, which is often applicable to people living in crisis situations. I conduct both individual and family counseling, as well as group work. In addition, I am certified to train on psychological topics, and on basic emergency medical care. I am qualified to provide supervisory support to colleagues working in the field of trauma therapy and psychological counseling. Furthermore, I participate in humanitarian projects for the support of victims of the war in the East of Ukraine.

In our lives, moments occur when we find ourselves in almost complete darkness. In these moments, it is crucial to not be alone. The warmth of human support, like a candle, is able to illuminate the path. And when a person is able to gradually transform the darkness of their trauma into light, the person changes- growing, rising above the trauma, becoming stronger, and, in the end, giving off their own light. This is one of the most beautiful processes I've ever witnessed.

Why did I choose a profession in mental health? It was more a path than a choice. Looking back, I see how every decision I've made has come together to form a coherent picture of my current life direction.

My first career was as a journalist. I graduated from the Taras Shevchenko National Institute in Kyiv in 1998. I worked in a variety of positions within this field for 20 years, from a freelance correspondent to the executive director of a publishing house. And I am very grateful to my first profession as it taught me the skill of listening to people, for the ability to work with information, for critical thinking ... For many useful things that now help me function as a counselor.

Actually, the desire to improve the field of journalism, and led me to my second degree in psychology at the State Pedagogical University, from which I graduated in 2004. But it became apparent that the experience I needed would not come from the publishing house alone. And so, I started counseling as a child and family psychologist.

For many years, psychology occupied only part of my professional life. But in Ukraine, the war began and it changed everything. The country urgently needed mental health specialists capable of supporting people who were experiencing extremely difficult crisis events. As psychologists, we realized we had to work quickly to meet these needs. And personally, I realized that it was time to concentrate solely on psychology.

In 2004, I received a diploma my diploma from the State Pedagogical University, certifying me as a "Practical psychologist in educational establishments" with educational qualification "specialist". In 2014, I graduated from the KROK University of Economics and Law with a degree in "Project and Program Management."

I have completed a third, supervisory, international postgraduate program in counseling and trauma therapy at the School of Psychology & Counseling through Regent University (USA) in conjunction with the Ukrainian Theological Seminary. I continue to study through this program in pursuit of a certificate in teaching.

In addition, I constantly participate in trainings and conferences, in order to increase my own professional capabilities and education.


Sometimes, my friends and family will ask if the schooling in which I have been enrolled all my life is not enough. And I answer that this process is never stopped. The training of psychologists never ends. Psychology is developing rapidly as a field, especially in Ukraine, and having a desire to maintain serve clients the best way possible means indulging a constant thirst for knowledge.

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