Trauma therapist, child and adolescent psychologist since 2013.

I graduated from the Tauride Christian Institute in Kherson. I worked here for 1.5 years at a rehabilitation center for athletes who were treated for psychological recovery after physical injuries received during competitions and training. Since then, I have conducted counseling in private practice.

My career as a psychologist was preceded by service at the Ministry of Internal Affairs special unit from 1992 to 1998. Even then, I thought about the strong burnout rate in the service and asked the question: in these government structures, why is there no staff psychologist? I was released from the service due to a gunshot wound and then entered the Tauride Christian Institute to pursue a bachelor's degree in Christian education.


After graduating, I worked there as a teacher. I also noticed that students are not well-equipped to cope with the internal problems that arise during an education; each of them having to come to terms with their differences, adaptation to learning, the difficulties of girl-girl relationships, stress associated with tests, etc. I realized that event participants in the East (fighters and settlers) need psychological help, too. At this point, I firmly decided to engage in psychological counseling and work with PTSD.

From November 2014 to December 2016 I worked in Melitopol at the church, to advise soldiers and settlers from the ATO zone.

The education of a psychologist is continuous, but the following is a list of completed educational institutions, passing courses and courses:

• 2000-2003 - Taurian Christian Institute, Bachelor of Christian Education

• 2011- 2005 - ICM International (Austria), Master's Degree in Practical Service

 • 2012-2016 -  Taurian Christian Institute, Bachelor of Christian Counseling / Jointly with Ridge Student University in the United States.

The curriculum included the theory and practice of psychotherapeutic approaches including:

1. Client-centered therapy

2. Cognitive-behavioral therapy

3. Gestalt therapy

4. Existential therapy

5. Art therapy: isotherapy, sand therapy, cosmetic therapy, phototherapy, etc .

6. Traumatic: HART model, DPDG (EMDR) (level 1)

7. Child counseling

8. Counseling for teens and youth

9. Counseling for substance abuse and addictions

10. Systemic family therapy

11. Pathopsychology

12. Psychodiagnostics

13. Sexuality and psychotherapy of sexual disorders

14. Group psychotherapy

15. Supervision

16. The practice of counseling

Additional training through professional conferences, trainings, seminars, and workshops:

  • "Children, Adolescents and Traumatic Stress" (Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary, Kyiv, 2015)

  • "Falling from Compassion: work with a syndrome of emotional burnout" (Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary, Kyiv, 2015)

  • "Metaphorical and associative maps in the work of a psychologist" (Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary, Kyiv, 2015)

  • Psychological Aid to Victims of Sexual Violence (Kyiv National T. Shevchenko University, Kyiv, 2016)

  • Psychological help to couples dealing with infidelity in marriage (Kyiv National T. Shevchenko University, Kyiv, 2016)

  • Identity and Sexuality (Kyiv National T. Shevchenko University, Kyiv, 2016).

Professional skills

  • Counseling for children and adolescents: aggression, anxiety, fears, masturbation, choice of life companion, professional orientation, self-esteem, suicide, etc.

  • Family counseling: conflicts, divorce, multiple marriages, difficulties in raising children, pre-marital counseling, sexual disturbances of psychological origin

  • Crisis counseling: death of relatives, divorce, professional burnout, thoughts of suicide, etc.

  • Counseling for people who are suffering from chemical or non-chemical dependencies and members of their families.

  • Counseling people who have suffered an injury or trauma as a result of physical, sexual, or psychological violence, an accident, fighting, deprivation of needs etc.

  • Counseling for people experiencing anxiety disorders: anxiety, fears, panic attacks, PTSD symptoms, etc.

Katerina Krylova

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