About me:
I have obtained higher education degrees in both economics and psychology, and I have 10 years experience working in the profession.
I am a psychological counselor, with additional training as a crisis psychologist, trauma therapist, and supervisor.
I am a graduate of the joint Ukrainian-American Program "Psychological Counseling and Trauma Therapy."

  • Certified trauma therapist through a postgraduate program for trauma therapists (Regent University, USA)

  • EMDR Consultant (EMDR HAP USA)

  • Certified professional coach according to the International Coach Union (ICU) standards;

I do adult counseling and have worked in the profession for 10 years. In my practice, I choose the psychological methods that are best suited for a particular person to solve their problems as quickly and effectively as possible.
Depending on the request, we can work in the short- or long-term approach to counseling: in the short-term I use Erickson therapy (including generative trance), coaching, and more long-term strategies include trauma therapy, katima-imaginal psychotherapy (symbolic drama). Another important element of therapy for me is that the client can independently maintain and develop the results achieved through the practice of counseling.

Purpose of my work

The main goal of my work is to make sure that around me there are as many people as possible who are able to confidently cope with their life tasks, while remaining joyful and feeling comfortable. And to ensure that these people do not merely cope with the tasks - but reveal their potential to the world, to work and family, and live every day in such a way as to create a “work of art” out of their lives.

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