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Open Doors Center exists to train and equip Professional Counselors, facilitate the highest quality counseling services, and advocate for excellence. Our Center provides access to comfort and relief for individuals, couples, families, and children. Our Professional Counselors have advanced training according to US standards of care. Many of our Counselors are believers and we also can provide services from the lens of a Christian worldview. In addition, we offer military and trauma specific therapies, including individual and group therapy,  support for military spouses, anger management, and psychoeducation for those impacted by war.


Through all services we provide absolutely confidential care that you can trust!

Individualized service offerings:

  • Individual, Couples and  Family, Child/Adolescent and Group Therapies

  • Assessments (Autism/Spectrum, Substance Abuse, PTSD)

  • Training/Education

  • Referrals to other helpful community organizations such as medical care or employment support services, as needed.

These services can help with:

  • Readjustment

  • Trauma, Grief, or Loss

  • Depression, Anxiety, or Posttraumatic Stress

  • Family and Relationship Stress

  • Coping with Injury

  • Spiritual conflict

  • Occupational/Educational Stressors

The impact of war has been the stimulus for many great movements in increasing both the efficacy of and access to quality mental health care. At Open Doors Center we seek to mitigate the impact of trauma and help people move towards optimum wellness. We strive to walk with people through their valleys. We desire to help people move from merely surviving, to healing through traumas to be the best self they can be. We want to help people pursue their God-given purpose in life. Towards this ultimate goal, we seek to educate skilled and competent Professional Counselors who can use their talents to serve their communities in such ways. 

Therefore our threefold mission is to Educate, Facilitate, and Advocate for the highest quality mental healthcare services possible in Ukraine.

7 Chystiakivska St., office 75, Kyiv

Conveniently located near the Sviatoshyn Metro Station

Let our founders tell you more about who we are and what we do

Адреса: м. Київ,
вул. Чистяківська 7, оф. 75
станція метро Святошин
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